Saturday, June 4, 2011

Avenue of the Giants

It's Saturday and unfortunately our time in the Redwoods is already over. The days just flew by and although this region doesn't have one big highlight or attraction as most national Parks have, it's the overall beauty that makes it so unique. We feel like we just barely scratched the surface and both agree that it is one of the most beautiful spots on our trip. We definitely want to come back here some day. Maybe even just spend a whole month or two here. It's hard to describe but the rough coast, the giant redwood trees, the lush ferns, the misty rainy weather just gives it an overall serene and magical feel. It was a welcomed change after visiting all the busy National Parks.

Kinda sad, we pack up our stuff and get back on the Road. Our next stop is Napa Valley - wine country region just north of San Francisco. The drive takes us along the Coast and then through more Redwood Forest. We stop at the Avenue of the Giants, a particularly beautiful stretch of Redwood trees, where we go on a little half mile hike. The drive takes a lot longer then we expected. It's a very scenic drive but also a small and windy road and by the time we get to Napa it's already early evening. An hour later Tommy's friends Shari and David arrive from San Francisco to spend the night with us. I'm excited to finally meet them, since I've heard a lot about them but just never got the chance to meet them in person before. It's a really fun night! We bbq outside, drink a lot of beer and end the night with a few matches of Sequence.

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