Thursday, June 2, 2011

Patrick's Point (Day 4) Mud Wrestling

We got up this morning and quickly realized that for the first time during our stay in the Redwoods, the sky showed little evidence of rain. So we got some things finished with work and then got our bike stuff ready and went out to try this 19-mile loop Danielle had found online. When we read this description for the Prairie Creek Ossagon Trail we were chomping at the bit to go ride it:

'One section of trail is a doubletrack passing through a lush dense forest. Another section is a primitive singletrack struggling to avoid being overtaken by grasses at the edge of a coastal marsh while passing along the base of a rocky bluff with views of small waterfalls framed in five-finger ferns. Still another section of singletrack passes through a grove of giant redwoods. Expect to see elk browsing in the meadows and marshes at the base of the bluffs.'

Everything in that description was spot on accurate. It was hands down the most beautiful ride we've ever done. Every mile of the trail was breathtaking. We saw a lot of elk, ferns, huge grasses where the trail almost disappears, frogs, waterfalls, redwoods, the ocean, dodged the dare-devil banana slugs who were crossing the trail. The one thing we also saw a LOT of was mud, tons of it. We got stuck in it a lot. But it actually kind of made for a fun ride.. it was a little challenging trying to ride through it, but I have to admit, I felt pretty manly emerging from a forest covered in mud. I'm not sure if Danielle felt as manly as I did but it was a damn good day today.

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