Friday, June 3, 2011

Patrick's Point (Day 5) More Rain...

See how gloomy the picture looks? Yeah, this is what we've been dealing with for the past four days, now you have to deal with it too. :P

Danielle and I were stuck inside pretty much the whole day. The beauty right outside the windows tormented us the whole time. It's so green here, so lush and magical. It finally let up in the evening and we decided to just go take a walk on the beach before dinner. This was our last day here in the Redwoods and we didn't want it to end with us sitting here in the RV with all this beauty surrounding us.

We found this really nice stretch of beach and walked along for an hour or so. The beaches up here in Northern California are a lot of fun to explore. It was low tide, so you get to see all the things that the ocean coughs up. We found a good half dozen un-broken sand dollars and shells. We also found this little section of the shore where there were thousands of little tiny pieces of drift wood. They were so interesting. Lot's of different types of wood and all of them whittled into different shapes by the sea. We did a lot of collecting and returned to the car with our pockets packed full of little treasures.

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