Sunday, June 5, 2011

Napa (Day 2) Wine

We drank a little too much last night. Well, okay wait, I drank a lot too much last night. We rolled out of bed.. actually I think I fell out of bed, and then we ate a little breakfast with Shari and David. We decided that going wine tasting would be too much for our poor livers. So we drove up to a cute little town above Napa called St. Helens instead. We walked down the main street and looked at some different shops and galleries for a while and then we went to a little mexican restaurant and had lunch. St Helens is a really adorable little town, there were a few too many Napa-y older yuppies but otherwise it had a great feeling there.

After lunch we decided that our kidneys could probably handle a little bit of wine, so we looked for a winery; which, as you might have heard, aren't very hard to find here in Napa. We tasted a few wines and chatted for a while, having a great time. It was really nice to see Shari and David again. The last time I had seen them was over a year ago after I had gone up to Redding to spend time with my grandparents. The trip after Danielle and I had met and first talked about taking this RV trip. It's amazing how a year can feel like very long and very short all at the same time. 

Buckets. You might be wondering why there are buckets in the picture. We bought a little Redwood sapling, which we've cleverly named 'Red.' After we bought our little Red we decided that we wanted to try and find some buckets to plant him in when we get settled in Flagstaff. When we got to the winery we saw that they were selling barrel halves for $20, which sounded like a great deal! It was only after we had them in the car that we realized our folly.. it really, really, really feels like you're actually sitting inside a wine glass. I hope that the smell leaves our car once the buckets leave. We both have headaches, like we've drunk a barrel of cheap wine.

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