Monday, June 6, 2011

Small World

It's our last day in Napa Valley and this morning we got a nice surprise. While drinking my morning coffee and checking my email, I receive a message from Matt and Nancy, a super nice couple that we had met along the way a few weeks back in Utah. It turns out that they also happen to be in Napa, even at the same campground we're at. I can't believe it, what a coincidence! I had no idea they were here, as well as they didn't know either. I even passed their 5th wheel the day before, thinking about them and thinking that a lot of people were buying the same trailer they had. haha. I just didn't see their car and didn't know they were in this area. Last time we heard from them, they were in Lake Mead close to Vegas. We had been slacking to update our blog for a few days, but finally updated it the night before. Matt happened to check our blog and realized we were both in Napa. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have run into each other. So after reading the email, Tommy and I walk across the campground and knock on their door. Surprise :) We talk for a while and then make plans to go mountain biking in the afternoon. The wifi at the campground is really bad, so Tommy and I drive to a coffee shop in town, work there until the afternoon, then sneak in a little wine tasting (since we still had to buy a couple gifts for people) and then return just in time for our bike ride. There's some nice trails right off the campground and off we go. Matt is a really experienced and fast rider, Tommy and I struggle to keep up with him. Probably not a great idea to go wine tasting right before mountain biking :) We still have a lot of fun, get a good work out, ride through some beautiful landscape and even see a group of wild turkeys. We stop and Matt and Tommy gobble at them, the turkeys gobble back a couple of times and then just look at us confused and walk away. We finish the ride, freshen up and then go over to Matt and Nancy's 5th wheel for dinner. Matt is making his mom's pizza recipe from scratch. And it's delicious. We share a lot of laughs, insights and hear about each others adventures on the road. What a great night! Our trip is almost over and I get a little sad thinking about that. Matt and Nancy have been on the road for 15 months and they still have a few months left before returning to their home in Connecticut. There seem to be two groups of people that chose to live like that. Most of them are retired, but then there's also a small community of younger people like us that take a break from their regular lives, leave everything behind to live their dreams. We are lucky to be part of that, even if it's just for a little while. It truly is an amazing experience. 

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